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            《 LZC - K 1 型 濾 料 綜 合 性 能 測 試 臺 測 試 臺 》 參 照 運 用 了 YY 0469-2011《醫用外科口罩》、 GB 2626-2006《呼吸防護用品 自吸過濾式防顆粒物呼吸器》和歐標《 EN 1822-3: 2009單張濾料 試驗》等標準進行設計、制作,同時還參照了國外同類設備先進的 設計理念(如美國TSI公司8130機型)。
            測試臺采用多分散實驗氣溶膠( DEHS 或 NaCI ) 進 行 定 量 發 塵,通過自主研發的程序軟件運行即可得到相應的測試數據。測 試臺穩定可靠,操作簡便,簡潔的觸屏運行界面使運行參數一目了 然。不同氣溶膠切換自如,適用于多種空濾材料(熔噴、玻纖、 PP 、覆膜等)、醫用口罩及部分勞防用品的測試。



        ● 效率測定(粒子計數法)
        ● 阻力測定(0-1000Pa)
        ● 流量測定(5.33cm/s濾速,100cm²)
        ● 透氣度測定(100Pa-200Pa可調)
        ● 自動儲存測試數據(可外接打?。?br style="box-sizing: border-box;" />



        ● 檢測粒徑檔別: 0.3、0.5、1.0、2.0、5.0、10.0 um ( 六 檔 )
        ● 流量測量范圍: 20?100 l/min (精度±2.5%FS )
        ● 效率測量范圍: 0?99.99%
        ● 阻力測量范圍: 0?1000 Pa (精度±1Pa測量值)
        ● 氣溶膠類型:
        ①DEHS (葵二酸二辛酯) ②NaCI
        質量中值直徑:0.33um 質量中值直徑: 0.26um
        幾何標準偏差:<1.6 幾何標準偏差: <1.83
        氣溶膠濃度:50-200mg/m² 氣溶膠濃度: 12-20mg/m²

        ● 標準測試面積: 100cm²
        ● 電 源: 220V/50Hz
        ● 功 耗: <1500W
        ● 外形尺寸: 1000 mm (寬 )x 680 mm (深 )x 1520 mm (高)


        Product introduction

        Lzc-k1 filter material comprehensive performance test bench
            Lzc-k 1 type filter material comprehensive performance test bench is designed and manufactured by reference to YY 0469-2011 medical surgical mask, GB 2626-2006 respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter particle respirator and European standard EN 1822-3: 2009 single piece filter material test. At the same time, it also refers to the advanced foreign similar equipment Design concept (such as TSI 8130).
            The test bench uses polydisperse experimental aerosols (DEHS or NaCI) for quantitative dust emission, and the corresponding test data can be obtained by running the self-developed program software.The test bench is stable, reliable, easy to operate and the simple touchscreen running interface makes the running parameters clear at a glance.Different aerosols can be switched freely. They are suitable for testing a variety of air filter materials (melt blown, glass fiber, PP, film coating, etc.), medical masks and some anti-labor articles.


        Basic function

        ● Efficiency determination (particle count method)
        ● Resistance measurement (0-1000pa)
        ● Flow measurement (5.33cm/s filtration rate, 100cm²)
        ● Permeability determination (100Pa-200Pa adjustable)
        ● Automatic storage of test data (external printing)


        Technical parameter

        ● Tested particle size grade: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0 um (Grade 6)
        ● Flow measurement range: 20-100 L / min (accuracy & plusmn; 2.5% FS)
        ● Efficiency measurement range: 0-99.99%
        ● Resistance measurement range: 0 ~ 1000 Pa (precision ± 1Pa measured value)
        ● Aerosol type:
        ①DESH(dioctyl malonate) ②NaCI
        Mass median diameter: 0.33um Mass median diameter: 0.26um
        Geometric standard deviation: < 1.6 Geometric standard deviation: < 1.83
        Aerosol concentration: 50-200mg/m² Aerosol concentration: 12-20mg/m²

        ● Standard test area: 100cm²
        ● Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
        ● Power consumption: <1500W
        ● Outline dimension: 1000 mm (width) x 680 mm (depth) x 1520 mm (height)